Arya consolidates mobile banking, online banking, and mobile deposit into a single platform for both consumer and business account holders. This flexible platform adapts to your distinct vision to outpace industry trends and provide an exceptional user experience.


Engage account holders with a solution that fully adapts to the operating system and screen orientation of their preferred devices.


Integrate applications and branding themes seamlessly across all devices without costly deployments or disrupting users.


Increase efficiency in back office support and vendor management with a solution that consolidates all vendors on a single platform.

A Better Banking Experience

Provide your account holders limitless access to their accounts anytime, anywhere, on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The intuitive interface maintains consistency across all devices without loss to functionality. No matter a user’s preferred device, Arya allows users to bank effortlessly and equips them with a wide array of self-service tools.

360-Degree View

Arya’s unified platform offers a complete banking experience for both consumers and businesses. Uncover insightful information about your account holders with powerful research and reporting tools. With a single repository of information, you can create targeted marketing campaigns based on account holder activities, so your messaging is always on target and relevant.

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