Feature Rich Functionality


Powerful tools assist account holders as they pay bills, P2P transfer funds, budget, and more.


Mobile remote deposit capture is native to the platform and conveniently transmits checks anywhere, anytime, using a smartphone or tablet.


Fully translated interface delivers your services to a broader diverse market.


Self-service widgets allow account holders to independently manage their finances whenever and wherever they choose. With the easy-to-use interface, users can order checks online, set up alerts, apply for stop payments, open an account online, and more.


Bubble budgets, spending pies, and many more reporting features help account holders visualize their data to make important financial decisions. On the back-end, your financial institution can utilize this rich data to create targeted marketing campaigns to implement across devices.

Designed to Evolve

Arya strategically positions your financial institution to surpass constantly evolving user preferences and industry trends. With the platform’s open architecture, you can calibrate by adding new applications and branding themes across all devices—seamlessly.

Self-service Banking

Outpace consumer digital banking expectations with a feature-rich platform available anytime and anywhere on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The intuitive interface and wide array of self-service tools provide account holders independence when it comes to managing their finances.

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